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Jarid Zimmermann

DFG Research Unit "Relativity in Social Cognition"

Research Interests

reciprocity - institutions - cooperation - evolution of beliefs, social norms and preferences - identity - social learning - environmental economics

Curriculum Vitae

Doctoral Student, University of Cologne, DFG Project "The Influence of Social Comparisons on Cooperation and Fairness", 2015 -

MA in Economics, University of Zurich, 2014

BSc in Economics, University of Augsburg, 2012

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United We Stand, Divided We Fall: The Limitations of Between-Group Comparisons for Fostering Within-Group Cooperation, Journal of Economic Psychology, 2018, 69, 19-19 (Robert Böhm, Bettina Rockenbach, Jarid Zimmermann) [link]

One-shot reciprocity under error management is unbiased and fragile, Evolution and Human Behavior, 2017, 38(1), 39-47 (Jarid Zimmermann & Charles Efferson) [link]

Working Papers

Social-Comparison Engineering in Children (Jarid Zimmermann, David Buttelmann, Robert Böhm, Bettina Rockenbach)

The driving forces behind information acquisition in social decisions (Jarid Zimmermann, Robert Böhm, Bettina Rockenbach)

Ripples of cooperation - Do people cooperate more when they are influential? (Jarid Zimmermann)