Welcome to the Chair in Experimental and Behavioral Economics!

Our group uses the tools of experimental economics and game theory to promote our understanding of human behavior in economically relevant situations.
The questions that guide our research are:

  • Which mechanisms foster cooperation in social dilemmas?
  • Which incentives support team work and contract compliance in organizations?
  • Which political institutions further voters’ interests and lower inter-group conflicts? 
  • How can we improve responsibility and norm compliance in morally ambiguous situations?

Our research yields insights for fundamental research in behavioral economics and for a design of economics mechanisms in applied settings. Moreover, we bridge the gap towards policy making by highlighting practical implications to the general public.

We pass on the insights generated along the way in our largely research-oriented teaching for Master’s and PhD students, focusing on the methodological foundations and applications of experimental economics and game theory. As part of our close collaboration with the  Cologne Graduate School in Management, Economics and Social Sciences (CGS), we offer research advice for CGS students.

For more information, we invite you to browse our website or to contact us [office-behavecon@uni-koeln.de].