Dr. Arne Weiß

Post- doctoral Researcher

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. rer. pol. ("Ph.D.") in Economics, University of Erfurt 2009
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bettina Rockenbach

Master in Economics at theUniversity of St. Gallen 2005

Diploma in Economics at the London School of Economics 2002

Vordiplom in Economics and Business Administration at Witten/Herdecke University 2000

Previous Positions

NBER, consultant, and JPAL/Harvard Business School, research associate, managing as project director a field experiment in Zambia

Monitor Group (Zurich), Intern 2005

Frontier Economics (London and Cologne), Temporary Research Assistant 2005

University of St. Gallen, Assistant of Prof. Dr. Baumberger (Economics) 2003 - 2004

International Center for Small Hydro Power (Hangzhou, China), Intern 2001 - 2002


Foundation of German Business, scholarship for doctoral studies 2005 - 2008

Foundation of German Business, scholarship for university studies 1999 - 2005

German Academic Exchange Service, scholarship for studying in Great Britain 2000 - 2001

Peer Reviewed Publications

The limited power of voting to limit power (joint work with Hong Geng and Irenaeus Wolff) (forthcoming at Journal of Public Economic Theory)

Does being elected increase subjective entitlements? Evidence from the laboratory. forthcoming in Economics Bulletin (with Irenaeus Wolff)

Other Publications

Von Finanzgewinnen zu langfristigem Wachstum: Krisenprävention über Investitionen in Grundlagen-forschung und Bildung, WISO-Diskurse 2012 (with Robert Maderitsch)

Diogenes trifft Dagobert – oder der Versuch einer Synthese aus Glück und Geld" in Weiß, A. R., J. Junger and S. Sohr (ed.). Montag, Dienstag, Zukunft – Junge Europäer über den Weg ins 21. Jahrhundert. IZT ZukunftsStudien Band 25. Nomos: Baden-Baden 2001.

Die Zeit ist reif!" Chapter in SRzG (ed.). Die 68er. Warum wir Jungen sie nicht mehr brauchen. Kore-Verlag: Freiburg 1998 (with Julia Junger)

Working Papers

Subjective and objective compliance: choosing what to know in normative choice situations (with Kai Spiekermann) PDF [link]

Experimental evidence on identity biases in voting choices (with Robert Böhm and Bettina Rockenbach) PDF [link]

On the nature of relational contracting – the influence of power and culture (with Bettina Rockenbach and Hong Geng)

The economic virtues of voting – how political competition limits confiscatory behavior

Is voting in voters’ interest? Experimental evidence on reciprocity and trustworthiness (with Gari Walkowitz)


Experimetrics (2013)

Field Experiments in Development Economics (2012/2013)

Research Projects in Experimental Economics (Experimental Design, 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 with Thomas Lauer)

Research Projects in Experimental Economics II: Data Analysis and Presentation (2012 with Thomas Lauer)

Impact Evaluation of Development Programs (2011,2012 and 2013)

Research Methods for Doctoral Students (2011 with  Robert Böhm)

Tutorial in Microeconomics (2010/2011 with  Balázs Rozsnyói)

Public Choice - Theory, Analysis, and Policy Applications (2009 and 2010/20

Research Visits and Summer Schools

Southwest-Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China, visiting researcher 2007 and 2008

Advanced Sino-German Summer School 2008 in Chengdu, China: “Research Frontiers in Management Science and Culture – Experimental Methods and Applications”

Sino-German Summer School 2007 in Bonn, Germany: “Culture and Behavioral Methods in Management – Theory, Experiments, Practice”

Academic Interests

Voting behavior and effects of voting institutions, norm compliance, identity, field experiments in development economics

Policy Projects

Report on municipal amalgamation reforms in Thuringia from a public-choice perspective (2011, on behalf of the Green party of Thuringia, with David Voges)


Dr. Arne Weiß

Staatswissenschaftliches Seminar für Experimentelle Wirtschafts- und Verhaltensforschung

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